DÜRHOLDT - for over 135 years quality partner of industry

The company was founded in 1873 as a non-ferrous metal foundry in Wuppertal-Barmen.
There were initially customers in the domestic environment served with cast parts made of bronze, brass and bronze.

Due to the rapid industrialization in the 19th Century, the founder, Franz Dürholdt, began with the production of valves for locally and regionally based textile dyers and finishers. At that time it were, e.g. faucets, valves, steam traps, safety valves and liquid level indicators from various metals, cast iron and cast steel.

The valves were used for isolation and regulation of water, steam, air, and many others already known flow medias.
Even then, the developments in valve construction were pioneering, of highest quality and technologically well ahead of time.

The progressive development - especially in the chemical industry - was also the beginning of the 20th Century, the initial spark and the technical breakthrough for the introduction of the hose diaphragm valve.
The patented DÜRHOLDT hose diaphragm valve at that time already had a lining in the form of a rubber tube, which was crushed by a mechanical device in the housing of the valve for the closure process. The opening process was necessarily through vulcanised into the rubber hose metal parts that were bolted to the actuator.

The patent was the beginning of a particular product's success in the field of lined industrial valves.

Due to the outstanding corrosion resistance and large application area, the valve was more than successful in moving into industrial enterprises of various industries, especially with a very large and successful distribution in the chemical industry.
The quality of the products was already a hallmark of a successful sales.

In the 60s of last century's the extensive product range of instruments, has been streamlined step by step according to the requirements of the market.
The foundry was closed in the early 50s. The product designs and product models remained in the hands of the company.

DÜRHOLDT focused on product development, manufacturing and the distribution of  valves lined with the outstanding technical features "glandless", "free pass", "corrosive" and "low wear"!

Apart from the proven hose-diaphragm valves with interchangeable tube inserts in different materials, were produced directly impinged pinch, without any mechanism for remote control and other special fittings. The valves were equipped with pneumatic and electric actuators.

Through innovative lining  techniques and new liner lining materials has resulted a larger application range and thereby also as larger range of clients.

To date DÜRHOLDT industrial valves as a quality product "Made in Germany" used in technical environments in which promoted aggressive, abrasive and neutral flow media, but also fixed-and fiber-rich fluids, slurries, pastes, granules, dusts, powders and granular material and other substances and regulated.

The family business has been managed since its inception in 1873, across all generations with a high degree of technical innovation and optimum efficiency.

The always right eye and a good social skills drew the leadership of the company at any time from in particular!