pneumatic and electro/pneumatic positioner type 824 P / 824 E / 824 X / 824 D
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electric data options - potentiometer and position indicator
construction824.P ...824.E ...824.X ...824.D ...
resistance200, 500 or 1000 Ohm ⁵)-
characteristic curve deviation≤ 2 % ⁶)-
inner capacity Ci3,5 pF
inner inductance Li10µH
explosion protection-EE x i ⁷)-
certificate of conformity-not necessary-
electric connectionfigure 7figure 7figure 7-
position converter 3L824.-3
3-wire circuitRWG, type 4522-
operation voltage15...24 V DC-
output4(0) - 20 mA, short-circuit-proof-
current limitingat app. 28 mA-
working resistance Ri0 - 400 Ohm-
characteristic curve deviation≤ 2 % ⁶)-
electric connectionfigure 8figure 8--
position converter 2L824.-4
2-wire circuitRWG, type TMT 136R--
operation voltage8,5 ... 36 V DC--
output4 - 20 mA, short-circuit-proof--
current limitingat appr. 36 mA--
working resistance Ri1300 Ohm at 36 V DC--
characteristic curve deviation≤ 2 % ⁶)--
explosion protection---
certificate of conformity---
electric connectionfigure 9figure 9--
⁵) zero point- and range adjustment are made on the receiving unit
⁶) depending on the mounting of the positioner respectively of the travel range a deviation up to 5% is possible
⁷) passive element, therfore no certificate of conformity is needed,
but the outer inductivity and capacity (La u. Ca)
have to be bigger than Li and Ci of the potentiometer.
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