The emergence of DÜRHOLDT industrial valves is characterized by fundamental focus on quality and sustainability in a major daily activity.

We obtain the high quality of our wide product range and our services through continuous improvement of products and processes in our company.

Reliability and fairness in action are also part of the basis of quality education as qualified employees and an oriented target to achieve cooperation with our customers and partners.

As part of our international sales and service activities we provide with our partners and customers to comply with regional and local laws and the obligation to ensure the guidelines of the Global Compact.

DÜRHOLDT industrial valves as well-known brand for high quality products in the field of industrial valves offers products in all price ranges.

As a quality leader in the pneumatic hose pinch and hose diaphragm valves we use the quality management system for high efficiency and improve process safety and its effectiveness continuously.

The short distances to ensure our production flexibility, cost and speed advantages against the backdrop of quality with international impact - "Made in Germany!"

The central material group management has a positive impact on cost, quality and safety.

We stand with our company for fair competition, fair supplier relationships and reliability stability with respect to market partners and employees.

All employees receive the necessary technical, methodological and social
qualifications to be met for the tasks.

Through continuous training and a positive attitude for constant change, we succeed, the good always to be replaced by something better.

Our motto is out of "good" make "excellent"!

We have the courage to represent our own opinions. We are open to constructive criticism willing to self-criticism.

We undertake to comply with all local laws and regulations.

We are committed to the developed by the United Nations guidelines of the Global Compact and are therefore respected in our sphere of influence not only the observance of a set of core values in the areas of human rights, labor standards, environmental protection and fighting corruption, but to promote these values by force.

DÜRHOLDT industrial valves and our international partners  follow the Global Compact and:

respect the international human rights ensure their compliance
ensure that no part in national international partners in human rights abuses
exclude all forms of forced labor
ensure in their sphere of influence, that no child labor takes place
exclude any discrimination in respect of employment and occupation
take a precautionary approach to environmental hazards
undertake initiatives to promote environmental awareness
work towards the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies
act against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery

Ultimately, we ensure the quality of our company and our products on the basis of national and international best, necessary and valid certifications and approvals.