Environmental protection

Securing the environment and the future!

Our environment deserves in particular in the future, more than ever, business sustainability.

For our children and our society we are guilty as a company, to always align our activities with care and a keen eye for the needs and the needs of our environment.

Our business decisions always consider the included impacts on our environment. Therefore the environment is since  three generations a fundamental part of decisions in our company.

We have dedicated ourselves to the value of sustainability for generations behalf of our clients, our environment and our business already.

With our membership in the German Working Group on Environmental Management Association, we underline our thoughts on the essential environmental protection.

We have prescribed in our management culture the honor code of B.A.U.M.e.V.. Our environmentally-related action, we list the assumptions used in the Code of Ethics.

The membership, our actions and our thoughts about environmental protection alone, however, we feel as a step too little to actually enhance our environment.

To strengthen our environment we have launched  in our company, the project "DÜRHOLDT GREEN RELATIONSHIP" - in short, "DGR".


DGR is a sustainable and environmentally conscious customer relationship.

We produce sustainability for our customers and our environment.

Take with us the idea of sustainable environmental protection.

Together for a successful future.