For the remote control of valves, butterfly valves, cocks and other valves pneumatic, hydraulic or electric positioners and control actuators are used.

Pneumatic actuators can be constructed as double-acting or single-acting by spring force, closing or opening constructions and as part-turn or linear actuators.

These actuators are operated with air pressure or fluid pressure of max. approximately  6/10 bar or lower control pressure.

For the control of valves additional pneumatic or electro/pneumatic positioners with an input signal of 0,2 – 1 bar or 0/4 – 20 mA are mounted as well as electro/mechanical or inductive limit switches and solenoid valves.

Electric positioners and control actuators for various voltages and actuating times are available as part-turn or rotary actuators, also with mounted electrical control.

The connections of the actuators for the valves are standardised.
The actuators can be controlled via limit or torque seating and are additionally equipped with a manual override.

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