Range of application:
For additional mounting on pneumatic actuators.

pneumatic positioner
input signal 0,2 – 1 bar

type 824 P
electro/pneumatic –E/P-positioner
input signal 0/4 – 20 mA
type 824 E
type 824 X
type 824 D

electro/pneumatic –E/P-positioner    
- intelligent -
input signal 4 – 20 mA
type PS2

Operation modes:

pneumatic and electro/pneumatic positioner
types 824 P / 824 E / 824 D / 824 X
are analog controller. They work on the principle of comparing forces and can be extended with several additional modules. The pneumatic nominal value input signal from a pneumatic controller  or from an I/P-converter module creates a force on the diaphragm, that is compared with the spring force on the feedback shaft. The resulting difference of force is moving the gate valve, that is connecting the gear with the supply air and thus controlling the movement of the valve. The type 824 D controller  has the protection class IP 65.

electro-pneumatic –E/P-positioner - intelligent - type PS2
is a digital positioner with an extended range of functions, higher reliability, extended online-diagnostic system as well as an optional service indicator.
The position of the valve stem is transmitted on a potentiometer whose output signal is compared in the microprocessor with the nominal value. According to a special control algorithm the controller controls two piezo valves, which are connecting the gear either with the supply air or with the atmosphere. The actuators can be operated on site or from the control room.
All diagnostic data at the device are also readable from remote. An optimal adaption to the particular  case of operation and to the control system in use is possible.

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