Pressure switches

Range of application:
For mounting on directly actuated hose pinch valves for indication of the on and off end positions for neutral, gaseous and liquid media.

Pressure switch type 18 D
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pneumatic pressure switch – electro/mechanical – as micro
switch with gold-plated contacts.
Type 18 D.


G ¼" IG

Switching pressure range:
+ 0,5 to 8 bar (standard)
- other ranges available  -

Switching pressure difference:
range start 0,25 bar
range end 0,65 bar

body: Alu
sealings: NBR

Electrical connection:
plug socket DIN 43650 A
12 V AC/DC

Protection class:
IP 65

- 10° C to +80° C

0,2 kg

Special constructions:

pressure switch according to ATEX,
zone 2 gases and zone 22 dusts,
electrical pressure switch,
plug with LED display.

Dimension drawing pressure switch type 18 D
Dimension drawing
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Wiring diagram pressure switch type 18 D
Wiring diagram
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switch function M12 x 1:
one single-pole micro switch
(change over switch)

Clamps 1 - 4:
on rising control value
contact closing,

Clamps 1 - 2:
on rising control value
contact opening.

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