Piloted non-return valves - stop valves -

Range of application:
The piloted non-return valves/stop valve is an optimal hose safety device and prohibits on a hose defect at the pinch valve that an excaping flow media enters further in upstream control
organs as solenoid valves, pressure regulators, pressure switches etc. and making them unfunctional.

Piloted non-return valves - stop valves -

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G ¼" AG  
G ⅜" AG
G ½" AG

Operating pressure:
max. 10 bar

Minimal pressure:
2,5 bar

max. 80° C

body and clamping ring brass nickel plated,
sealing Delrin,
O-ring nitrile

Wiring diagram:

Piloted non-return valves - stop valves - dimension drawing
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[Translate to english:] BØACEFGØJØKSWSW1Gewicht (kg)
G 1/4"647,52625915,51320170,120
G 1/4"847,52626915,51420170,130
G 3/8"854,52928919,51424220,140
G 3/8"1054,52932,5919,51724220,150
G 1/2"12653639,5112420,530270,280
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