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Flange connections PN 10 - PN 100, DIN EN 1092-1 and EN 1092-2 - type sheet 1300.1302 and 1300.1302/1
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fixed smooth flange without raised faces
fixed smooth flange without raised faces
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1. Conenction dimensions

The connection dimensions of a flange are:
- the outer diameter D
- bolt hole diameter k
- the raised face diameter d₄
- number and diamter of the screws
- the screw hole diameter d₂

The adjacent illustrations cover not all flange types; they are intended for the explanation of the connection dimensions only.

The designation of a flange connection with the nominal diameter 250 for a nominal pressure of 10 in the drawings and in production documents is as follow:

Flange connection 250 PN 10 DIN 2501   

2. Screw hole arrangement:
Every flange has a quantity of screw holes that is divisible by four.

The screw holes must be arranged on pipelines and valves in a way,
that they are orientated  symmetrically to the two main axes and that no holes protrude to them.

fixed flange with conical hub with raised faces
fixed flange with conical hub with raised faces
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loose flange with smooth lap joint or stub flange
loose flange with smooth lap joint or stub flange
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Screw hole arrangement
Screw hole arrangement
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3. forms of sealing faces
roughness of
sealing face
dimensions forapplicable for nominal pressure
machining of the
raised faces
see DIN
see DIN
smooth raised face
CRt = 160μm turned ²)25262690xxxxxx
DRt = 40μm turned2698xx
ERt = 16μm turned25262697xx
groove and tongue
male and female
V 13
R 13
protrusion with groove
V 14
R 14
bevelling for membrane weld ring gaskets
grooves for lens gasket
identification letter A: sealing face without requirements
identification letter B: sealing face with Rt = 160 μm turned (no finer than 40 μm)

¹) This nominal pressures will be included in the according dimension standard in a new edition.
²) no finer than 40 μm
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