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Mounting instructions for rubber linings of the hose diaphragm valves as per type sheets 100.101 - 100.102 - 100.104 - 100.104 A/B - 500.501 - 800.801

Zeichnung für Einbauanleitung Gummifutter für Schlauch-Membranventile Typ 100.101, 100.102, 500.501, 800.801


1Upper part of body

Lower part of body

3Rubber lining)  complete
rubber lining

3aRing with thread)

Holding cone


4Pressure part)  complete
pressure part
5Divided ring)
6Guiding nut)
6aRound head screw)


9Hex. nut
10Machine bolts with nuts
11Machine bolt
12holding disc
13Steel wire spiral vulcanized *
14stem adjusting nut and distance piece *

Parts 3, 3a and 3b to be ordered together only.
* = Special design

1. Close removed valve.

2. Unscrew machine screw (part 11) with holding disc (part 12) from lower fixture of rubber lining of hose diaphragm valve..

3. Then divide valve into two halves by loosening bolts and nuts (part 10). Remove lower part of
body (part 2) from upper part of body (part 1) to expose the rubber lining (part 3).
Bolts with nuts DIN 601 Mu galvanized (part 10)
for nominal diameter:dimension:pcs.
DN 15 + DN 20M 6 x 208
DN 25M 6 x 258
DN 32M 6 x 308
DN 40 + DN 50M 8 x 308
DN 65 + DN 80M 8 x 3512
DN 100M 10 x 3512
DN 125M 10 x 4012
DN 150M 10 x 4516
DN 175M 12 x 4516
DN 200M 12 x 5516

4. Unscrew rubber lining (part 3, 3 a and 3b) from pressure part (part 4) mounted to stem (part 7). To do this, bend the rubber lining back slightly in order to expose the pressure part (part 4) and make unscrewing/screwing possible.

5. The new rubber lining can now be inserted into valve in inverse sequence. Make sure the threads on the pressure part and on the stem are not worn!

6. Attention:
It is essential to apply the holding disc (part 12) when mounting the lower fixture of rubber lining!!

Observe the following points when mounting hose diaphragm valve into piping:

The lateral rubber packings must lay flush with the body flanges. Valve must therefore be almost closed prior to mounting.
Use pipe flanges as per PN 10 DIN/EN 1092-1 with sealing strip Form B, e.g. type 11. Do not fit smooth flanges!

Observe the maximum admissible working pressure:

DN 15 - DN 80 = 6 bar
DN 100= 5 bar
DN 125 - DN 200      = 3 bar

Refer to our mounting and operating instructions for valves (type sheet 1300.1300 and supplements) when installing the complete valve.

Additional instructions for the assembly and maintenance of:

a) Hose diaphragm valves with pneumatic diaphragm actuators as per type sheets 100.104 / 100.104 A / 1200.1201 und 1200.1201 A:

See type sheet 1200.1201 E.

b) Hose diaphragm valves with electric actuators as per type sheets 100.104 / 1200.1203 und 1200.1204:

Operating instructions for electric actuators type SA-/SAR 07.2 - SA-/SAR 14.2 KMS terminal diagram.

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