Hose Pinch Valves DN 125 - DN 300
type 100.103

Range of application:
pulverous and abrasive products (like e.g. cement, lime, gypsum, dust etc.) granulate, sand, loam, pastes, ore-sludge and coal-silt, polluted liquids, sludges, waste water, feeding-stuffs, syrup, juices, mash, air, water, aggressive media, pneumatic conveyor systems, filling-safety on bulk tanks.

Hose Pinch Valves DN 125 - DN 300 - type 100.103
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directly actuated, with changeable hose insert with cylindrical and smooth passage, DN 125 - 200 with polyester powder coating.

see table (other materials on demand).

Operating pressure:
max. 4 bar (6 bar on demand) DN 125-200
max. 3 bar (4 bar on demand) DN 250 + DN 300

Control pressure:
appr. 2,0 bar superior to operating pressure;
max. operating pressure 6 bar;

Control media:
compressed air, pressure water or neutral gases.

Flange connection:
DIN 2501, PN 16,
DIN 2533 / EN 1092-2, PN 16

DN 200 + DN 250 = DIN 2501, PN 10,
DIN 2532 / EN 1092-2, PN 10

Hose Pinch Valves DN 125 - DN 300 - type 100.103
DN 125-300
Abb. 103
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Special constructions:
body stainless steel,
cone flanges with boxes in plastic (PP),
cone flanges with boxes in stainless steel 1.4301 or 1.4571,
cone flanges with boxes in ceramics / resistant to abrasion
hose inserts in NBR, CR, FPM, CSM, EPDM,
foodstuff natural rubber NR white;
with 3/2-way-solenoid valves for electr./pneumatic actuating
with pressure switching and other accessories,
example circuits for pinch valves on demand.

hose insert
Vol/l ²)weight
approx. kgs
dimensions in mm
¹) max. width (not drawn)
²) appr. control space volume in litres (l) with valve being closed
1bodyGG 25 or light metal
2hose insertNR
3cone flangesGG 25 or light metal
4bolts/nutszinc-coated steel

Please quote the medium, concentration, temperature,
max. and min. working pressure in inquiries and orders.

We reserve the right to alter technical data.
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