Hose inserts for Hose Pinch Valves DN 15 - DN 300 for type 100.103, all versions

Hose inserts / sleeves for directly actuated hose pinch valves are available in different materials and qualities:

natural rubber NR 4145 black
- Standard – also abrasion resistant
/ max.   80° C
natural rubber NR 4145 H black, heat resistant/ max.   90° C
natural rubber NR 4145 LH, foodstuff resistant bright/ max.   70° C
natural rubber NR 4145 LS, foodstuff resistant black / max.   70° C
Perbunan NBR / NR black/ max.   70° C
Perbunan NBR / CR black/ max. 110° C
Neoprene CR / NR black / max.   70° C
EPDM black/ max. 120° C
EPDM/L or EPDM/S bright or black
- also with FDA approval
/ max. 110° C / 120° C
Styrol-Butadien rubber SBR / NR black/ max.   70° C
Butyl IIR / NR black/ max.   70° C
Viton FPM / CR black/ max. 120° C
Hypalon CSM / NR black/ max.   70° C

Temperature data refer to water.
We like to offer special qualities and constructions on demand.

The resistance of the materials above is depending on the concentration, denseness, grain size, temperature as well as the operating pressure of the process media.

Hose inserts are wound on a mandrel with a fabric reinforcement, hand-assembled and vulcanized.

The elasticity of the hose inserts, produced with appropriate rubber mixtures, provides the cylindric and free passage, also on the relief of the control pressure of the sleeve.

Hose insert for Hose Pinch Valves

To attain optimal durabilities respectively switching cycles, the differential pressure of 2 – 2,5 bar between control and working pressure should be strictly adhered to.  The control pressure should not excess 6 respectively 8 bar.
The close cooperation with our rubber laboratory and available resistiveness lists aim to determine the most resistive rubber composite and quality for specific needs and case of operation.
Mounting Instructions for the replacement parts are available - see product selection  „technical documentation“.

Please quote the medium, concentration, temperature,
max. and min. working pressure in inquiries and orders.

We reserve the right to alter technical data.
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