Diaphragm pressure gauges with limit signal transmitter
types 1100.1109 and 1100.1109 A

Diaphragm pressure gauges with limit signal transmitter, cable box laterally - type 1100.1109
cable box laterally
fig. 1109
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Type sheets 1100.1105 + 1100.1106 have all essential technical details of the
deliverable versions without limit signal transmitters. For Descriptions of the limit
signal transmitters see type sheets 1100.1110 - 1100.1113.

Diaphragm pressure gauges with limit signal transmitter - types 1100.1109 and 1100.1109 A
        fig. 1100.1109
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Diaphragm pressure gauges with limit signal transmitter cable bushing in the housing back panel - type 1109 A
cable bushing
in the housing
back panel
fig. 1109 A

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NGflange-Ø daBDh ± 2mo
16010019102 *160157312
16019102 *160157312
* With inductive contact types I 11 or I 22 the measure B
  increases by 17 mm.
NGo₂rr₂r₃weight appr. kgs
dimensions in mm

Dimensions for triple and quadruple contacts
and other special constructions on demand.


Each pressure measuring device needs a specified deflecting force for operating the discriminating element. Therefore the integration is only possible with the pressure ranges that are
given in the table.
Connection typePressure unit in bar / mbar
measuring flange-Ø
100 mm
measuring flange-Ø
160 mm
1 x low-action0,6 bar60 mbar
2 x low-action0,6 bar100 mbar
3 and 4 x low-action0,6 bar160 mbar
1 x magnet0,6 bar100 mbar
2 x magnet0,6 bar160 mbar
3 and 4 x magnet2,5 bar250 mbar
1 x inductive1 x electronic0,6 bar60 mbar
2 x inductive2 x electronic0,6 bar60 mbar
3 and 4 x inductive3 x electronic0,6 bar60 mbar
1 x pneumatic0,6 bar60 mbar
2 x pneumatic0,6 bar60 mbar

On pressure measurement devices with 3 or 4 contacts the limit value pointers are not all necessarily adjustable on top of each other. Therefore you should always specify which pointers must be adjustable about each other respectively where your switching points are. In NG 100 pneumatic limit signal transmitter are only available with a single contact.

Pressure measuring devices according to 1100.1105 with mechanical limit signal transmitter
(low-action- and magnetic contacts) are serially devivered with a cable bushing in the housing back
panel and 1 m connection cable. Cable boxes are possible with addtional costs.

Devices with inductive contacts have a cable box serially.

The cable box is mounted at the right side of the housing. There is one exception: on devices with
a housing diameter-Ø 250 mm the cable box is mounted on the housing back side generally.

With pneumatic contacts PP- or PE-transducer are mounted on the back side. We will gladly send
you dimension drawings on demand.

For the exact position of the cabel bushing respectively the cable box please take a look at the
drawings on page 1 of the data sheet. Alternative mountings are only possible with additional costs
after an inquiry.

If a second cable connection box or bushing is necessary, e.g. with 3 x low-action contacts with
seperated electric circuits, we would be pleased to send you the according dimension drawing on

The used cable is maximal a five-core cable, the cabel bushing has 6 pins with one inclusive
ground terminal.

Limit signal transmitter are installed below the raised dial plate (HZ-version) by default.
With NG 250 and on special demand the limit signal transmitter are mounted on the low-lying dial plate (TZ-versions).

Please quote the medium, concentration, temperature,
measuring range and NG in inquiries and orders.

We reserve the right to alter technical data.
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