Become an importer of DÜRHOLDT

The export of our high quality products is a supporting pillar
of the company success in distribution.

Therefore we are always interested to welcome strong sales partner
in the regarding countries as exclusive and firm regional sales partners.

You have the aim to expand your already successfull company in the market
of industrial valves?

You have already access to the market of industrial valves
in your country and wish to extend your product range
with DÜRHOLDT quality products?

The maxims of your company are reliability, customer satisfaction,
quality, punctuality and your creditworthiness secures the
expansion of your activity for DÜRHOLDT industrial valves
also in the future?

You are ready for joint long-term investments in the market of industrial
valves with DÜRHOLDT quality products "Made in Germany"?

Then write to us your objectives and how you see your position
as an importer in your country for DÜRHOLDT products today and
how you want to develop it in the future.

Please fill out the form conscientiously and submit it to us.

We will come back to you immediately for a first personal conversation.

Always for the joint success in your country!

Our partners are important to us!

The fields that are marked with a (*),
are mandatory!

Application as an importer
Fiscal cycle:
1. In which country you wish to become an importer for DÜRHOLDT quality products of the FRANZ DÜRHOLDT GmbH & Co. KG?
2. When was your company founded?
3. How many employees do you employ currently?
4. How much revenue do you generate with your company in € p.a.?
5. What products are in sales focus at your company?
6. Which target groups/branches of trade you are supplying today with your company?
7. Which target groups can you make newly accessible in your country?
8. What channels of distribution do you serve today?

Channels of distribution

9. Which sales tools you are using in your company for product sales?

Sales tools

10. According to which norm your company is certified in your country?
11. Do you have a service department at your disposal?
12. Do you have an in-house production?
12.1. If 12. was answered with yes:
13. Do you have internal storage capacities?
Evaluate the market and sales opportunities for industrial valves in your country regarding the standard- and special valves!
14. How big is the market for industrial valves in your country altogether in €?
15. What are your expectations of earnings in € with your company on basis of selling our products in you country?
16. What percentage thereof (15.) would you agree to put on storage with a pre-order?
17.1 Do you currently representing manufacturer of indurstrial valves?
17.2 How many customers in the sector of industrial valves for whom our products are of direct interest do you have in your clientele?
18. Name the most important exhibitions in the field of industrial valves in your country and the intervals! (exhibition, city, date from - date to, interval)
19. What is your expectation from us as a potential import partner of the quality brand DÜRHOLDT in your country?

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