electro/pneumatic positioner - intelligent - type PS2


Digital positioner with higher range of features, higher reliability, extended online diagnostic system as well as an optional maintenance indicator.

electro/pneumatic positioner - intelligent - type PS2
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Mode of operation:

The position of the stem is transmitted on a potentiometer and the output signal of that is compared with the nominal value in the micro processor. According to a special control algorithm the controller controls the piezo valves, which are connecting the inlet air or the ambience with the gear. The operation of the controller can be handled on site or from the control room.

All diagnostic data on the device can be read from the control room. An optional adaption to the specific application case and the utilized control system is possible.

electro/pneumatic positioner - intelligent - type PS2
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SIPART PS2 is the most used positioner for thrust and part-turn actuators  in various process industries today. And this with good reason. Because this proven allround talent is particular flexible in stroke range, comes up with a comprehensive functionality, intelligent diagnostics included and optional is communicating  via HART, PROFIBUS PA or Foundation Fieldbus. What is approved so often is the right decision in any case.

With body optionally in plastic, aluminium or stainless steel you are ideally equipped for all purposes  with the SIPART PS2 positioner. Serially with protection class IP66 respectively NEMA 4x it is defying even most aggressive environments.
SIPART PS2 is also available in a pressure-resistant housing with ignition protection category Eexd IIC T4-T6.

In dialog with superordinate systems the SIPART PS2 shows its communicative side. It can be integrated in the communication environment with PRPOFIBUS PA or Foundation Fieldbus as well as with the HART protocol. With HART and PROFIBUS you can clearly illustrate and document trend values, histograms as well as commissioning and operation data via SIMATIC PDM.

If you test your solenoid valve or want to replace its function through a positioner, the SIPART PS2 prevents the closing of the valve or is monitoring on/off  valves as an intelligent solenoid valve.

With a regular partial stroke test the SIPART PS2 is taking care that ESD valves (Emergency Shut Down) and other on/off valves remain mobile. The fitted solenoid valve can also be tested with the positioner.

SIPART PS2 is equiped with comprehensive diagnostic functions. To alert on costly failures our positioner is permanent controlling the gear and valve.

Set point signal:0/4-20 mA without/with HART-signal or PROFIBUS PA-/Foundation Fieldbus-protocol
Stroke range:3 to 200 mm (larger strokes on demand)
Swing angle range:30° to 100° (larger swing angle on demand)
Umgebungstemperatur:-30 °C to +80 °C (other temperature ranges on demand)
Required air quality:class 2 acc. ISO 8573-1
Max. air consumption in In controlled state:
< 0,036 m3n/h


•   Protection class IP66 respectively NEMA 4x, optionally with plastic, aluminium or stainless steel body as standard
Variants with external contactless travel sensor
High flexibility in stroke range from 3 mm to 200 mm (more on demand)
Communication via PROFIBUS PA, Foundation Fieldbus or HART
intelligent diagnostic functions
Pressure-resistant version

We reserve the right to alter technical data.
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