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Application, function and safety analysis for integrated
project solutions for industrial valve constructions:
1. How many facilities with integrated industrial valves do you have in operation alltogether?

2. What valve types are in operation?

3. How many valves are in operation alltogether?
5. Which nominal diameters are in operation?

6. For what is the medium flow interrupted?

9. What product types are conveyed, shutted-off or controled?


10. How and in which flow direction is the process medium carried?

11. Installation position of the valve:

12. How is the media flow interrupted?

The media has to be seperated:

If yes:

If the product is conveyed with water:

14. Sealing type of the mounting flanges:

15. Actuation of the valve:

17. What air pressure is available for operating the valve?

18. What protection class is required for the electro magnet and the limit switch?

19. Characteristics of the environment:

20. From what materials are the pipelines and containers at which the valves are mounted made of?
21. From what materials the valve should be made?


Hub/cone sealing:



22. Vacuum respectively pressure and temperature above the valve:
23. Vacuum respectively pressure and temperature below the valve:
24. Switching frequency:

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