Guideline employee motivation

We motivate our employees by:

- personal and professional role model
- promoting teamwork
- assume full responsibility for their work area and their employees
- challenging and achievable goals
- regular exchange of information and transparent decisions
- appreciation and respect for human

Regardless of its function in our company, each person is unique and valuable. Why respect is regarded as an essential maxim and the great challenge of our forms of thought and action leaders.

Our managers convince through personal and professional role model.
They lead purposefully and with high readiness on the basis of trust and cooperation.
They are fully responsible for their work area and employees.
So they make our employees successful and have a decisive influence on employee motivation and success of the company.

We are committed to a performance-oriented management culture, in addition to the observed high standards and challenging goals, the personal needs of employees.

The company takes on all levels and sectors across a regular,
trusted and comprehensive exchange of information.
Our thoughts and actions do not end at the divisional and departmental boundaries.

The DÜRHOLDT employees are:

- used optimally according to their abilities and inclinations
- promoted in their personal development
- support in the tasks to be performed
- involved in decision making
- protected from workplace-related health damage

We include employees in decision-making processes and ensure that clear and binding decisions are made.
Major decisions are explained and transparently communicated in time.

Each employee is responsible for their personal advancement. DÜRHOLDT industrial valves provides the appropriate framework for.

We see our employees as a critical success factor for our success and pursue an active policy to increase the professional capacity and must observe the health, personal and financial needs sustainably.